Marketing Brainstorming Session

Sometimes it helps to think out loud and get all of the ideas floating around in your head out. If you're not sure what direction to go in next and want to talk it out, this is for you. When you leave our  meeting, you'll have a list of next steps to take.

Marketing Strategy Foundation Building

If you have a business idea or are currently running a small business that you're looking to take to the next level, this is for you. During this five week process, we get down to the nitty gritty of your business, including your mission, vision, target audience, goals and more. A solid marketing foundation and strategy provide a set of guidelines for your business, allowing you to stay consistent and say no when necessary.


Monthly Marketing Consulting

This is where the magic happens. Once we have your marketing strategy foundation laid and next steps planned, you and I will meet monthly (minimum) to check your progress and work through challenges. There's nothing more important than taking action, gauging your audience's reaction, and adapting the message.