At Marketing for the Uninhibited, we provide small business strategy, coaching, and consulting for product based entrepreneurs and specialty service providers looking to take their business to the next level.

If you’re stuck at the busy business intersection of “look how far I’ve come on my own!” and “but, how the hell do I get there?” I’m here to help!


“You were more of a blessing than I could have anticipated. Our meetings were the safe space I needed to process the difficulties of balancing a business with a lot of life changes. You gave me a permission in a season when I may have not given it to myself, and it was so needed for my own well being and for the well being of the future of my business. Small business can be very isolating at times, and it’s easy to become your worst self-critic, but you were my cheerleader and felt like I had a partner in crime. Thank you for all your dedication and work.”  -KS, 6 month, 1:1 coaching client

Meet your new business coach, Miranda.

I’m here to liberate you from that Spanx of a business plan that’s got you feeling uncomfortable, restricted and gasping for air. Since 2017, I’ve been helping product based entrepreneurs and specialty service providers figure out how to make their dream business a reality. If you’ve got a dream so big you wouldn’t dare speak it out loud, this is your chance to do something about it.

Business Coaching + consulting

If you feel like you’ve been slowly rolling down the runway of your dreams and you’re ready to take off, then buckle up because the only direction we’re going is up!


Marketing Coach Miranda Rodriguez teaches you how to market your business with laugh-out-loud personal stories, real life client examples, and the occasional f-bomb.


“Marketing is evolving and Miranda is the new reality: young and smart--and she knows how to market to the emerging business world. She is a good listener and can guide your thinking and your business into the new business reality.”
- John

“I have only had 3 sessions with Miranda and I already feel more aligned to my business vision and goals for this year. Miranda has a really calming approach to (for me) a stressful process (narrowing down my goals/marketing strategy for the year!). This is something I understand I need to do, and have read a variety of resources on how to do...but it is so much easier to work with Miranda and focus on just what applies and works for you and your business. She has a supportive system of accountability in place, is flexible to my needs/timing, and provides sound marketing strategy and direction.”
- Sharon

“I highly recommend Marketing for the Uninhibited. Miranda spent solid one on one time with me listening and helping me develop my business plan. And, let's be honest, she explain a lot of pillars of marketing.”
- Jenni

"I met Miranda at a WESOS (Women Entrepreneurs Secrets of Success) meeting. Within a few minutes of chatting with her I was struck by her professionalism and her experience. Let Go developed a marketing strategy that will help me with my rebranding. While the plan she created for me is involved, she prioritized the activities so that it is manageable. I am happy that she understands my vision and is excited about it. I look forward to seeing my business grow with Miranda’s help."
- Stacey

"As a result of working with Marketing Uninhibited, I have increased my income, laser-focused my marketing plan, had great accountability, increased my confidence to jump in and be vulnerable, learned so much about social media and being intentional w/posting, created great connections with other makers and small businesses to outsource to, helped stay focused on timelines, encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zones both personally and as a small business owner."