In today’s episode, I’m joined by Cassie Paton of Mettle & Tonic. Cassie shares the 3 elements of effective website copy that you can implement today!

The elements/goals she shares with us are: 

  1. Get your dream client’s attention
  2. Build a connection with them
  3. Motivate them to take action. 

Tune in to hear her explain and why she chose these 3 elements of website copy to focus on and how you can start implementing them on your website immediately. 

*Side Note: if you’re in holiday selling mode, download this episode and come back to it in the New Year when you have time to listen, create a plan, and take action right away. 

*Side Note 2: If you’re working on your website copy, I  highly recommend listening to this episode and Ep. 116 w/ Mariah Magazine about SEO. That way, you can make the best use of your time as you update your website copy. 

How are you implementing your 3 key elements of website copy on your own website? I’d love to hear what actions your taking! Send me a DM to let me know!


Cassie Paton is a website and email marketing copywriter and the founder of Mettle & Tonic. She creates potent stories for gutsy entrepreneurs.

Cassie helps service providers whose messaging is bland, out-of-date, or spineless write copy that’s punchy, powerful, and persuasive—so they can attract more dream clients and run businesses they love.

You can follow her on Instagram at @mettleandtonicco and get your free home page self-assessment at


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