My friend and accountant, Theresa Rubino, CPA, is back for another great episode!

In this episode, Theresa gets personal about how she got her start as a CPA and she opens up about the ebb and flow of balancing a business, being a mom and pursuing her creative passions.

As always, Theresa breaks down taxes and accounting in a way this is easy to understand and simple to implement, especially if you’re just getting started and/or currently running your own books.

Most importantly, just in time for tax season, Theresa shares her 3 Key Components of Tax and Accounting you MUST know before starting a business:

  1. Choose the RIGHT business structure for your unique business
  2. Set up an accounting system that WORKS for you
  3. Get rid of fear and anxiety over taxes (my personal favorite😊)

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For over 15 years, Theresa Rubino has worked with both individuals and businesses in the area
of tax and accounting.   Unlike most licensed CPA’s, she did not gain her practical experience
with a large accounting firm, but rather chose to work with a smaller one.  In doing so, she was
exposed to an array of tax situations and was able to address those situations in a very personal
way. She has worked with businesses from entrepreneurial start-ups to fully established
companies at all levels of growth.


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