Marketing for the Uninhibited helps passionate, creative solopreneurs turn their side hustles into a full time gig.

Go ahead, quit that day job.


For the creatives out there, having a corporate job is about as stimulating as watching paint dry and your days are spent wondering what it would take to actually turn your post day job projects into a business.

Can you actually sell enough candles to pay your bills? How will you afford the help you will need to get the business off the ground? Where do you even begin? What’s marketing?

I had all of these same questions, although my career passion is marketing and not painting or personal training.

I’m Miranda Rodriguez, founder and lead marketing consultant at Marketing for the Uninhibited.

Before I was doing my own thing, I was out in the corporate world staring at a screen counting down the minutes until I could get home to work on my project of the moment.

I’ve been in the marketing industry for eight years and a lifelong creative soul. From sewing, to baking to candle stick making (forreal – I once gave hand-poured candles as Christmas gifts), I understand the need to create, to do, to be more than someone stuck in a cubicle with dry eyes.

That's why I help solopreneurs and entrepreneurs turn their business goals into a reality. You can keep wondering what if, or you can take the first next steps.

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