Marketing Coaching for makers, artisans and creatives who DIY their marketing and want to make full-time income.

Go ahead, quit that day job.

Unihibited AF

Before I created a work schedule that allowed  me to sweat out my demons in a 105 degree hot yoga class at 10am on a Tuesday morning, I was instead, in a musty office sitting in a hand-me-down desk chair. Those were the days I’d  pass the time by counting the minutes until one of my contacts chose to sacrifice themselves again by jumping out of my eye,  because my eyes, like my soul, were  having the life sucked right out of them in that stale environment. 

I stayed in that soul sucking environment even though, ever since I was little, I’ve been obsessed with consumer behavior - why do people buy the things that they do?

This obsession with marketing and consumer behavior started with the mystery of where my Grandpa bought his jeans and the why, how and when he chose to do so. Spoiler alert: he bought them at K-Mart because they were cheap, and durable and once he found a pair that fit, he never looked back. He was a loyal man.

I’m Miranda Rodriguez, founder and Marketing Coach at Marketing for the Uninhibited.

Understanding consumer behavior, quickly establishing comfort and trust in a relationship and telling a story that emotionally compels someone to purchase are the things I love most about marketing.

That’s why 23 year old me, the youngest district sales manager in the country for a fortune 500 sales company, would hear things from my managers like, “we’ve never seen a person in your role get people to trust them so quickly, to reveal their dark and dirty secrets to a stranger.” Yeah, I’m talented like that.

That’s me - recovering people pleaser, expert listener,  number one cheerleader and tough love extraordinaire.

From sewing to baking to candlestick making,  I understand the need to create something with your own hands and to live a life of passion, purpose, creativity, freedom and whatever the f*ck else sounds good to you.

Forreal – I once unknowingly gave out fire hazards as Christmas gifts - hand-poured candles in upcycled jars. You never know if that recycled glass is tempered enough for heat. Be careful y’all! This is how I knew to create a business around my passion for marketing and coaching others, and not for haphazardly created DIY Christmas gifts.

You don’t have to keep living the doldrum, soul-sucking 9-5 life by day and moonlighting as the passionate, creative, talented (and for now, somewhat secretive) entrepreneur life by night.

Do you know that feeling when you come home from a long day and take off that old bra you’ve been meaning to replace for years? That first moment when you unclasp it and let out an audible “aahhh?”

That’s what it feels like to work with me.

The work/life/side hustle balance you’re currently in is slowly but surely making it harder to breathe and I’m here to help you lighten that load.

Recently, at the end of one of our monthly meetings, my client said, “Wow! I feel so calm now. It’s nice to know I don’t have to do this alone.”