The Marketing for the Uninhibited Podcast Ep. 31: Finding Balance with Jenni Zielke

On this episode, I’m joined by the magical and loving Jenni Zielke. Jenni is the owner of Illuminate Space, where she gives new life to existing decor, brightens spaces with hand-poured candles, and re-awakens senses with hand crafted essential oil blends. You can learn more and shop at https://illuminate-space.com/ or on social media @illuminatespace Jenni…

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The Marketing for the Uninhibited Podcast Ep. 30: Love Bigger with Sheli Massie

Today, I’m joined by the wonderful Sheli Massie. Sheli is the founder of the Goldfinch Cafe, Aurora’s own socially responsible restaurant that will operate under a pay-what-you-can model. The Goldfinch Cafe is coming soon and you can stay up to date at thegoldfinchcafe.org and on social media @thegoldfinchcafe Be on the lookout for pop-up cafes…

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