Have you sent surveys without getting a responses back? In today’s episode, we’re sharing how to create an effective marketing survey so grab your notebooks and let’s dive in!

Are you sending marketing surveys to your audience?

Are you asking for reviews and testimonials?

Are you regularly polling your customers for feedback?

Yes? Then this episode is for you! No? Then this episode is definitely for you!

Today, friend and fellow marketing lover, Amber Reilly joins me to talk about market research and how to create an effective marketing survey for your audience – meaning, how do you get them to respond and give you data that you can use to make informed business decisions?

Amber is VP of Mozaic Group, Mozaic Group | Market Research (mozaic-group.com), full-service market research firm specializing in technology.

In today’s episode we cover:

  • What is market research?
  • What are the two primary buckets of market research?
  • How to ethically incentivize people to take your surveys
  • How to write survey questions that are clear and concise
  • How to protect the anonymity of your respondents
  • Editing a marketing survey in real time


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