Episode 177: When your stories become limiting w/ Jackie Bebenroth

It’s always so fun when another marketer joins the podcast!

On this episode, Miranda sits down with Jackie Bebenroth, brand strategist and entrepreneur, to discuss all things small business limiting beliefs and how they limit your potential. She brings a unique perspective to the podcast as she primarily works with businesses that have scaled or are looking to grow past the initial small business phase of 0-5 employees. 

As you will quickly find out, Jackie is a seasoned marketing professional which gives this conversation such a natural flow that you’ll be left wishing you had a part two! 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Nuances of niche-ing down
  • Specific marketing messaging
  • Better Connecting with your audience
  • Coming into your own as a business owner
  • Identifying what you do and don’t want in your business
  • Jackie’s Productive Distancing Method 
  • Small business limiting beliefs and potential

Jackie Bebenroth is an award-winning positioning expert and agency founder who draws from two-decades experience as a brand strategist and entrepreneur to help visionary leaders achieve transformation inside their businesses and beyond. Jackie has shaped some of the nation’s leading brands. Using her own Productive Distancing techniques for brand strategy, she helps businesses evolve and define their true purpose – the WHY – so they can march forward with unwavering clarity and confidence. At her agency, Muse, she leads a team of strategists and creatives who are dialed into the needs of clients in nutrition and wellness segments, where behavior and lifestyle change is a prerequisite to success. She’s picked up a few accolades along the way, most notably a SXSW Interactive finalist award and Content Marketing Institute’s Content Marketing Leader of the Year.

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