Kaila Piepkow from Dox Design is here to discuss how to figure out your brand then how to visually represent that brand with your packaging.

Service-based entrepreneurs: you’re going to learn a few things too so don’t check out of this episode just because you don’t have products to package.

In today’s episode, we discuss:

  • How to figure out your brand
  • How to breathe life into your business’ vision and mission
  • What visual storytelling is
  • What constitutes successful packaging design
  • How and why to determine the impact you want your business to make with your audience

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More about Kaila:

Hey, Fur Friends! Kaila here—the crazy dog-lady behind Dox Design. I’m a proud fur-mama to three dachshunds, lover of all 70’s music, and the OG Swiftie (I’ve seen her on every tour, even as just an opener!)

After taking my first few years out of college in the traditional agency route, I felt restless… like my cup wasn’t being filled to the top. I had a vision, and I knew the kind of clientele I wanted to serve. I wanted to take my two favorite things—dogs and design—and create something that nobody had done before. Something big, bold, and most importantly, drool-worthy. And so, Dox Design was born!

Today, I’m proud to lead my fearless team on a mission to create strong, compelling brands that flaunt our clients’ stand-out qualities in fun and daring ways. Together, we work together seamlessly to create #droolworthy brands and design for people just like you: the doers, the dreamers and the dog-obsessed. Learn more at https://dox.design/


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