Hi. Thanks so much for being here. Today, we’re writing a break-up letter to our past business owner selves. Once you break-up with that chaotic, stressful and somewhat toxic version of yourself, then take your newly single, happy ass to  the Marketing Magic Mastermind taking place Q1 2022. This group is where you’ll find your next love, a better version of yourself.  Fore details, send me a message here or click here to read more about it.

My dearest 2021 small business owner self, 

As I write this, I can feel my heart shattering into 1,024 pieces. Please know that breaking up with you hurts me more than it hurts you – promise, mean it. 

I will forever be grateful to you for being the type of  small business owner who gets every single last order shipped out in time (USPS be damned!) and for being able to launch this biz with nothing more than a few bucks, some solid ideas and 0 plan whatsoever. 

However, forgetting to pick-up your daughter early from school last Wednesday (early dismissal days should come with a tornado siren) AND sending out the wrong items twice this holiday season, are not things I can forgive. 

While I’ll always reflect on our time together fondly, that time has come to an end. And, I probably shouldn’t be telling you this but we’ve always valued honesty so… there’s someone else. She’s like you but, well, better?

No hard feelings though, right?

This new love of mine, the 2022 small business owner version of you, is comfortable, confident and capable in a way I’ve never experienced before. 

She no longer scrambles around at the last minute to launch her new products/services.

She’s figured out how to market her business in a way that feels really f*cking good to her. 

She doesn’t compare herself to others in her industry. She just goes for it, like really goes for it. 

She’s organized. She’s determined. She’s kicking ass and taking names. 

And, rather than stress out about whether or not she’ll be able to hire Melissa, that web designer she loves, she hires the shit outta her and pays her full price rates with love and gratitude. 

Oh, and she hasn’t forgotten her kid at school or sent the wrong item out once! 

Hooray for plans that work and communities to support us as we create, test and execute those plans. 

The truth is, I never would’ve found this better version of you if I hadn’t joined the Marketing Magic Mastermind with Miranda Rodriguez. The sparks are flying in that group! 

Are you interested? I’m sharing the details here just in case, no pressure though. 

I hope we can remain friends! Tell your mom I said hi and I’ll miss our Sunday dinners together.

Love Always,