It’s hard to believe the holiday selling season is here already! Do you have a marketing action plan that will carry you through this holiday selling season in a stress-free, hustle-free way? If not, I’ve got you!

I know a lot of you have already started your holiday season selling prep but WAIT!

Let’s put a plan for you in place this year so you don’t have to just close your eyes, cross your fingers and hope your sales increase (and that you survive it).

Grab your notebooks and your planners today because we are getting down to business!

I’ve got some questions and some tips that will help you make your holiday season marketing and selling simple, doable and fun.


Miranda Rodriguez is a Marketing Coach who helps artisans, makers and creatives break all of the conventional marketing rules. Marketing your business doesn’t have to be weird, boring or expensive. Once we figure out what your goals are, who your audience is and your daily schedule, we can make a marketing plan that works for you.

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