How to Quit Your Job: 3. Moving Through Fear

When you make a big decision to take a path in your life that you haven’t taken before, and maybe no one around you has either, it’s natural to feel fear.

Once you’re coming down off of the high of making such a big and exciting decision, the reality begins to creep in and your brain goes into defense mode because this is new and scary and must be dangerous, right? Maybe. If you’ve ever watched interviews or listened to podcasts with someone you admire, you learn that the fear doesn’t change no matter how successful you get, only the goals or standards change.

In this episode of Marketing Monday, we discuss step three, of our five part series for How to Quit Your Job. Step three is Moving Through Fear. Fear, as defined by Merriam Webster, is an unpleasant often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger.

So, what do you do with it? In the video above and outlined below, I cover three simple steps that you can use to move through fear when you’re making a big change.

I’ve also linked to some very helpful TedTalks and podcasts that have helped support me in times of change and fear.

How to Move Through Fear
1. Acknowledge the fearful thoughts – write every single fearful thought down that pops into your head
2. Make a plan to prevent them – what steps can you take to try and ensure these things won’t actually happen? Write those down too.
3. Walk through the worst case scenario – what if? Write this down too.

Now that you’ve got your fears out in the open and you’ve made plans around them, any time your brain starts to slip into fear mode, think of your plan. Your plans serve as your safety net for digging you out of the fear hole when you feel like you’re sinking farther and farther down. Plans are for stability and for tricking your brain into safety every time it tricks you into danger and insecurity.

If you’re having a day where you feel like the fear is winning, go back to the plan we made last week and see what the next step is and just take that.

Taking action is always better than not.

Tim Ferriss’ Ted Talk
Brooke Castillo’s Podcast

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