Anna Hallene joins me to discuss marketing a new small business, her own Glenwood Farm.

Today, another very special equestrian client, Anna Hallene, joins me to discuss marketing her new small business.

Anna is a lifelong equestrian and the owner/trainer at Glenwood Farm, a boutique hunter/jumper program with a modern and individualized approach to training, equine management, and horse sales.

What I love about our conversation is that she is not yet two years into business, so what she talks about is so relatable to everyone. You will be reminded that we all share the same struggles and that we are not alone!

Marketing a new small business can be overwhelming and lonely but it doesn’t have to be. During this conversation, Anna opens up about how marketing coach has supported her during her first couple of years in business.

Inside the episode we talk about: 

  • Overcoming negativity from yourself or others when starting a business.
  • The differences between running a business vs. a hobby.
  • How Anna is doing things differently within her industry.
  • The challenges of starting a business young and how that messed with her confidence.

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Connect with Anna Hallene:


Instagram: @glenwoodfarm

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