Ep. 144: Marketing for Makers with Small Business Sisters Jenni and Christina.

The Small Business Sisters themselves are finally here! It was so fun turning the tables on the two podcast hosts and interviewing them about marketing for makers and so much more.

On their Small Business Sisters podcast this week, they shared a heartfelt testimonial about our interview and our work together over the years. You can listen to their kind words here (they do a better job of introducing our episode than I do ha!). If you’re a small business owner, be sure to check out their podcast! They discuss marketing for makers, mental health, all things business and motherhood.

Jenni and Christina are real life sisters who both started their own separate businesses and have now come together to share about business and personal growth. We get really personal as they open up about their struggles with marketing, investing in their business and how personal growth plays a role in how we accept ourselves.

Inside the episode we’ll talk about: 

  • How they manage their businesses with everything else in life.
  • Prioritizing their time so they can pursue other creative passions.
  • How to approach marketing in a holistic way.
  • Pricing and the mind drama it creates.

Listen to the episode above. And, don’t forget to  send me a screenshot and tag @marketinguninhibited so I can share you with my community too!

Connect with the Small Business Sisters

Instagram: @_smallbusinesssisters

Podcast: https://smallbusinesssisters.podbean.com

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