Marketing Monday Tip: MAKE A DECISION

Why is making a marketing decision so hard? For starters, we’re afraid that if we say yes to one thing and no to another, we’re instantly missing out. WHAT IF the thing I said no to was the million dollar idea?!

And then, there are all of the options. There are so many different ways you can market your business, but it really comes down to knowing your audience, actually making a decision, and then seeing that decision through.

In this five minute video I discuss four simple steps for making a decision, be it marketing or otherwise, so that you can move on with your business and your life.

We spend so much time, energy, and stress on indecision instead of investing that same time and energy into the decision we’ve made. What if instead of dwelling on an idea for a week, you gave yourself one day to make a decision and spent the rest of your week taking action? It’s easy to confuse thinking about it, researching it, or listening to others talk about it as progress but in reality, that’s just busy work.

What if you did know the answers to your own questions? What would you do then?

Beware! Once you make a decision and start taking action on it, little thoughts might creep up in your mind like, “what if I had chosen the other option?” Or, “I don’t think this was the right decision.” STOP IT! This is where having a timeline for your decision will come into play. Remind yourself that you’re just committing to this decision for the next six weeks (or whatever the timeline is) and then you can reevaluate and switch gears if needed. But, until that time frame is up, promise yourself you will stick with it.

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