Marketing Monday Tip: When Marketing Gets Hard

Summer is in full swing and shit is bananas!

Is your schedule all out of whack?

Are your kids driving you crazy?

Do you feel like just when you were getting into the swing of things with your marketing, summer came and swept all of your momentum away? It’s hard to push yourself outside of your comfort zone in between shuttling kids to baseball games and trying to pack for your family reunion but DO IT ANYWAY.

The more you begin to experiment with your marketing, the more you put yourself out there and the more risks you begin to take, the more UNCOMFORTABLE it will be.

The more people will have an opinion about what you’re doing and the more you’ll fail.

That’s why, this week I’m telling you to DO IT ANYWAY!

When marketing gets hard, DO IT ANYWAY.

When your schedule sucks and your tired DO IT ANYWAY.

Check it out below.

Let me know what one thing you’re going to DO ANYWAY in the comments or on social @marketinguninhibited

Talk to you next Monday!

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