Ep. 143: Marketing Your Equestrian Business with Bethany Lee

On this episode, you’re going to learn all about marketing your equestrian business from Bethany Lee.

Bethany is a former client of mine who has seen some incredible results from consistently executing her custom marketing action plan. I was blown away by her drive and determination to reach her small business goals.

I’m so excited to share this conversation with you!

She is a Florida based horse trainer, and the founder and content creator of My Equestrian Style and the Equestrian Podcast. She continues to amaze me with her drive to work hard and be an industry leader, so even if you’re not a horse girl, you will still find so much value from this episode!  

Inside the episode we’ll talk about: 

  • How Bethany’s managing two businesses while staying active within the industry.
  • The struggles she’s faced when it comes to marketing on social media
  • Her best tips for marketing and outsourcing to grow a business.
  • The importance of being able to pivot when the unexpected happens.

Whether you’re an equestrian business owner looking to market your equestrian business or you’re a business owner in another industry, you’ll definitely learn a thing or two from Bethany.

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Connect with Bethany Lee:

Website: https://myequestrianstyle.com/

Instagram: @myequestrianstyle

Podcast: equestrianpodcast.com, @equestrianpodcast 

Workshop: equestrianworkshop.com, @equestrianworkshop

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Have a great weekend!