Not Even Amy Porterfield was as good as Amy Porterfield

Man, it’s tough to start something new. When the idea is still just an idea bouncing around your head, it’s exciting and new and you’re feeling motivated and great.

And then, you sit down to put that idea into action and if you’re like me, one of two things happens: either you freeze and suddenly you’ve forgotten why you sat down OR you panic and your brain floods your head with all of these emergency thoughts – WARNING – DANGER AHEAD – STOP NOW – THIS WILL NEVER WORK – YOU’RE NOT FUNNY…and the list goes on.

Stop. Collaborate and Listen (bonus points if you can name that song). 😉 Seriously, stop and breathe for just a second. More than likely, your idea doesn’t involve actual physical danger but rather an idea of danger because it’s new, uncharted territory that is making you comfortable. Take a minute to evaluate the worst possible outcomes. If you post this YouTube video online will you be an overnight viral sensation of what not to do? No. If you do an Instagram live for the first time, what if you forget what you’re talking about midway? Your three viewers won’t even notice because we’re all human!

Newsflash, unless you’ve been building your audience for awhile now and have amassed thousands of viewers and followers, the only people tuning into your very first YouTube video are those you send it to and the people waving at you in your first Instagram Live are probably related to you.

Do you know how many videos live on the internet? Unless you’re at the level of internet fame of people like Joe Rogan and Amy Porterfield, you can mess up and NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW, beside your mom and she’s seen you mess up plenty of times.

One thing that helped me get comfortable with recording my first episode of the podcast, posting my first blog and recording my first YouTube video was going back and looking at everyone else’s firsts. Yes, everyone, and I mean EVERYONE had to start somewhere and it is incredibly gratifying to go back and watch those first episodes of Joe Rogan’s podcast videos (there were snowflake graphics involved) or the first episode of Amy Porterfield’s wildly successful online marketing podcast.

In their first episodes, probably even first 100 episodes, Joe Rogan and Amy Porterfield didn’t have the following, clout or confidence that they have now earned over all this time, but they did have a few characteristics worth noting: they showed up regularly, they kept their audience in mind as they were creating content, they failed along the way, and they didn’t let fear stop them. Look at them now, baby!

When you’re starting at square one, it’s easy to compare yourself to the best in the industry but that’s a dangerous path to walk down since they’re likely years ahead of you. If you want to model your journey after someone else’s journey, you have to start where they started, where everyone starts, and that’s with the first step.

Nope, not even Amy Porterfield was as good as Amy Porterfield at square one. Go listen for yourself.

You can find my first podcast episode here and my first blog post here, and you can see that I wasn’t doing either of them consistently last year. I’m learning and growing every day of this journey, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have fear.

Like all good plans, you just have to focus on what’s next and then take that step.

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