If you’re a product based entrepreneur or a specialty service provider looking to up your game this holiday selling season, the below podcast episodes are for you! I’ve rounded up all of my podcast episodes so you can learn How to Plan Your Holiday Selling Season!

EP. 126 NOTES: I know a lot of you have already started your holiday season selling prep but WAIT!

Do you have a plan for this year or are you just going to close your eyes, hope your sales increase and that you survive it?

Grab your notebooks and your planners today because we are getting down to business!

I’ve got some questions and some tips that will help you make your holiday season marketing and selling simple, doable and fun.

EP. 127 NOTES: SPOILER ALERT: Email marketing is the key to having a Hustle Free Holiday Season this year.

Today, Jackie Rodriguez joins us to share her tips for using email marketing to grow your customer base and leveraging it to increase your sales with your existing customers.

Grab your notebooks because Jackie is sharing some serious email marketing tips and you won’t want to forget these – you’ll be able to take action immediately after listening to this!

JOURNAL PROMPT 94 NOTES: In this mini-series, I’ll be giving you daily journaling prompts a few days a week. You can use these to journal, meditate on or just think about throughout your day.

Today’s Topic: What’s one thought or phrase that’s going to help you through this holiday (selling) season this year?

A daily journaling practice is a great way to work through limiting beliefs, acknowledge your feelings and fears, and dream about your future.

Take your marketing to the next level with a few minutes of mindset work each day.


Woohoo! We made it to October and to the last quarter of the year.

You have to choices: 1. Finish on a high note or 2. Throw in the towel early

No judgement. You decide.

If you’re ready to finish on a high note then let’s get to work! Grab your pen and paper because we’re analyzing, evaluating, resetting and creating a plan for the final three months of the year.

If you have questions about how to plan for your holiday selling season, send me a DM on Instagram! I would love chat more about this with you!