You know you need "marketing" but do you know where to begin?

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The First Date (Start Here)

Are you new here? Thanks for stopping by! Hiring a marketing consultant is a two way street, just like dating. This free 30 minute chat is designed for us to get to know each other and our businesses better. Click here to schedule it!

The Brainstorm

Feeling all over the place? Find your direction here! This 90 minute brainstorming session is designed to help you clear the business chaos in your mind and figure out what your very next marketing step is. You’ll leave feeling calm and confident with a basic next steps list.

The Foundation

You've got a direction in your business and you know enough about marketing to know you need it to grow. We'll spend 5 hours together over a 5 week period to develop a strong marketing foundation and marketing strategy to reach your goals. You'll leave with a plan in hand that is simple, realistic and fun.

The Support

We all get by with a little help from our friends and our marketing consultants. Once we've put together a marketing plan, you might need ongoing support to keep you on track. We're here for ya, whether it's once a month or once a week.

The Community

You need to talk to someone other than your spouse or your bestie about your business. The Uninhibited Marketer's Community is a free Facebook group for marketer's like you. Trade industry advice, ask questions, and show support. Click here to join!

"Marketing For the Uninhibited (MFTU) is the next gen of marketing, and the brain trust of Miranda. It doesn't hurt that she is young and brilliant, but the secret sauce from MFTU is her wisdom. That goes way beyond smart. Miranda gets permission marketing. It is not a version of traditional marketing. It is built on really understanding another person not to manipulate them but to help them, to earn their trust authentically and yes, maybe to sell them something. That is integrity. If that is how you want to do business, work with MFTU." - John