Some of you are treating each new marketing experiment like it’ll be the last thing you ever do and I’m here to change that with today’s episode!

When you shift your mindset from “this must work because I need clients/money/etc” to, “I’m going to try something new and may or may not work but either way I’ll learn something,” the whole marketing game changes.

Marketing doesn’t have to be stressful and anxiety ridden. If you approach each marketing action as an individual experiment, it changes the way you approach marketing and your relationship with your audience.

Join me today to learn how to make that mindset shift!


Miranda Rodriguez is a Marketing Coach who helps dreamers and change makers create their own set of marketing rules to play by. She believes marketing your business can be simple, doable and fun. Through the use of monthly marketing coaching and customized four-week marketing action plans, she helps you grow from creator to CEO.

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