Today, I am joined by my business coach and Sales Strategist, Erika Tebbens.

Whether or not ADHD is something you personally experience, you’ll want to check out this episode because she shares so many business tips for growing your business in a relaxed and fun way that feels good to you – hustling and judgment free.

  • How she built a business that works for her brain before she was ever officially diagnosed with ADHD
  • How self-awareness, for all of us, plays a role in the type of businesses we create
  • How learning to trust yourself helps you figure out the best way to run and grow your business
  • How to create a content strategy you can be consistent with, especially if you have a low tolerance for busy work and tasks that do not interest you
  • How trial and error can help you develop a workflow that feels good and is aligned with your value

Erika is a Sales Strategist for ambitious misfits who want success, but aren’t willing to compromise who they are to get there. She works with service-providers, consultants, and coaches to create custom growth plans that avoid complex systems, sleazy sales tactics, or battling burnout. With 17+ years experience running successful businesses, from solo operations to multimillion dollar retail teams, she knows there’s no one “perfect” way to operate –– only one that’s perfectly aligned with your strengths, values, and vision. She also hosts the weekly Sell it, Sister! Podcast where she dishes out b.s.-free business advice.

Learn more about Erika on Instagram, @erikatebbensconsulting or by visiting her website

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No-Sleaze Sales Guide:

How to Get Clients without Being Creepy

Check out her podcast episode on batching here.


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