Stacie Mitchell is back and today I’m the one asking her questions.

She opens up about her high functioning anxiety and how it plays a role in her business – from marketing to client relationships.

We also want to normalize the fact that anxiety comes up for anyone and everyone who is doing something new like running a business, marketing yourself/business and being more vulnerable on a public platform than you ever have before. But, there’s a difference between normal anxiety and an anxiety disorder and that’s what we’re talking about today.

On this episode we discuss:

  • What anxiety looks and feels like for her
  • Perfectionism and people pleasing
  • Spotting your patterns
  • How having a strong support network, personally and professionally, helps
  • Remembering that the world is a big place outside of your business and your industry
  • Getting into a good, automated flow in business

Stacie Mitchell helps coaches sign consistent clients by creating their signature coaching program and a unique, strengths-based marketing plan to sell it out. You can listen to Stacie on her podcast The Consistent Coach or find her on Instagram @staciemitchell. 


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