The Marketing for the Uninhibited Podcast Ep. 42: Show Gratitude with Jenna Ward

On this episode, I’m joined by Jenna Ward. Jenna is a pre-school director in Virginia where the governor has asked childcare facilities to remain open for children of essential personnel. And fun fact, Jenna and I were roommates in Virginia when I first moved there. 

Jenna shares with us:

  • How she and her team are adjusting to their new normal
  • Why showing gratitude is part of her self-care routine
  • What she hopes will stick around as we slowly come out of the initial wave of this pandemic

*Please Note: You may here references to dates and activities that have now passed, like Teacher Appreciation Week, because this episode was recorded a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for listening!


Over the next few weeks, I’ll be giving small business owners and entrepreneurs a chance to share how they’re handling business during this pandemic.

To keep things consistent, I’ll be asking everyone the same five questions:

1. What is the biggest shift you’ve had to make in your business?
2. What are you doing to address this shift?
3. How is your business community responding?
4. How are you taking care of yourself (and your family, employees, clients, neighbors, etc.)
5. How can we support you and your business right now?

The goal is to provide a wide range of perspectives that educate, inform and inspire. At the very least, maybe these will help you feel less alone during this crazy time. Learn more at

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