So, you’ve heard about a business marketing coach and are maybe even in the market to hire one, but what do they even do?

Since October 2017, I’ve been a business marketing coach for small business owners and I’ve worked with both product-based and service-based entrepreneurs. 

In the past 4 years, I’ve come to realize that being a business marketing coach isn’t all about marketing, making Reels or meeting income goals.

Below is my list of the top 10 benefits of hiring a business marketing coach. 


As your business marketing coach, whether we’re meeting weekly or monthly, you always know when our next meeting will be and knowing that you’re going to have to check-in with someone has drastically improved the amount of marketing action my clients take. 


Sometimes, all you need is a little validation, encouragement or push to follow through on that new/scary/big idea you have. I’m that person! I’m here to tell you that it’s ok to do that thing you might think is a little out there. Let’s try it and see what happens!


I cannot tell you the amount of times I’ve come to the end of a client meeting and they tell me, “I feel so much better!” Or, “I’m just so happy to not do this alone!” What does having peace of mind in your business mean to you?


Have you ever had a new idea and wished you had someone to talk through it with? Or, have you ever done or wanted to do something in your business that no one else in your industry is doing? Having a business marketing coach helps you pursue those creative intuitions!


One of the first things I do with clients is establish a marketing foundation. In our first business marketing coaching meeting, we walk through your mission, goals, target audience, content strategy and brand pillars to make sure that we have a rock solid marketing strategy before we start taking action.


Whew! If you’re disorganized, I’m going to know where and why REAL quick. Setting up and streamlining your business processes is one of the things I love most about working with small business owners. You can’t grow to the next level without having the space, structure and processes in place to support that growth.


My voice notes are open to you 24/7 between meetings which means, if you have a particularly nasty client interaction, or a launch that flops, you can reach out to me for support – whatever that means to you at that moment. 


Do you ever feel like you’re attracting the wrong type of people? Maybe you’ve got a loyal following but they’re not buying from you or maybe you’ve got a badass service offer but people aren’t engaging with you – that’s where the messaging help comes in. I help you experiment with your messaging and evaluate what’s working or not.


I prefer this C word over that pesky other one we hear all of the time in marketing…Conversion. I take an empathetic approach to marketing which means focusing on connecting with your audience instead of focusing on trying to convert them.


This title was given to me by my clients! Our 1:1 client meetings are yours to use how you see fit and sometimes that means venting about your sick toddlers who aren’t sleeping through the night or your MIL who keeps asking how you’re “little business” is doing every time you see her (insert eye roll). 

DIY your small business marketing

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