Trust Your Gut

I’ve recently had more than one small business owner (brick and mortar) tell me that they were approached by a sales person who wanted to take photos for their Google Business Page to the tune of $400. Both of those business owners had a gut feeling that this wasn’t the right decision for their business but the stories have two different endings. One took a couple of days to make a decision and consulted outside opinions and the other was overwhelmed with clients in the store at the same time the sales rep was selling her, leading to a hasty decision that left her feeling uneasy.

Was this going to help her business? She knew, even as she signed on the dotted line, that this was not the right answer for her business right now and that $400 could be well spent elsewhere, but she ignored her gut and signed just to get the sales rep out of the store.

As a new business owner, how often does this happen to you? Everywhere we turn, we’re getting up-sold or told to do something else in our business or that what you just heard over there is actually not what you should do, instead you should do this and I’m guilty of doing the same (both selling and consuming).

As a marketing consultant, all I hear and see is “Trust me! Trust me! Trust me!” And, as a marketing consultant I know the importance of repeatedly introducing your message to your audience so that, just in case they missed it the first time, they hear and see you now.

And, as a consumer and a new entrepreneur, I know how overwhelming it can be to sift through the messaging to find what truly serves you and let go of what doesn’t. My suggestion is to find a few key voices/personas/brands that resonate with you and stick to taking action with them until you see results (or don’t and then move on).

Now more than ever, having a marketing foundation and strategy for your business is crucial. Marketing foundation and strategy are crucial because they give you something to fall back on, a standard to uphold, a framework in which to grow and an easy way to gut check your decisions.

Next time your posed with a pesky sales person or yet another person trying to sell you something on Facebook, stop and ask yourself, “how does this serve my business? Does this help me reach my goals? Does this align with my mission statement, target audience and brand pillars?” And then, sleep on it, and then answer.

Trust your gut. Don’t overthink it.

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