What is Marketing for the Uninhibited?

Once again you’re stressed out after a long day at the office and you’re driving home wondering how soon you can turn your side hustle into an actual business so you can submit your letter of resignation at work.

What all do you need to do to get this business off the ground? Where do you do even begin? What will people think? What will your spouse say?

Well hello there, friend. I’m Miranda Rodriguez, the founder and lead marketing consultant at Marketing for the Uninhibited, and I’m here to help you answer all of these questions floating around your head.

We all know that marketing is an integral part of any business, but what does that eeevveennn mean?!

If you’re looking for marketing assistance that is unconventional, simple, realistic, and fun, then you’ve come to the right place!

I help solopreneurs develop and maintain marketing strategies that are simple, realistic and fun. After 9 years in corporate America, I’m pursuing marketing consulting full time so I can work with solopreneurs to take their businesses to the next level through their marketing. Marketing strategies help businesses stay focused on their next steps so they can achieve their business. To learn about marketing strategies and get a free marketing strategy cheat sheet, click here!

I didn’t leave corporate America to run a traditional company, hence the word Uninhibited in the business name. We do things differently around here. We think out of the box, take risks, have fun playing and experimenting, and never take ourselves to seriously. The Marketing for the Uninhibited Podcast is a perfect example of just that!

Who doesn’t like to have fun while achieving their business goals?

Looking to brainstorm? Vent? Ask questions about marketing services? Click below to schedule your free consultation!

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