Marketing can be SIMPLE, DOABLE, and FUN...

[Work with Me and I’ll Show You How]

You’re a creative professional - but more importantly? You’re a creative soul.

And that means you can’t confine your creativity to your career. Your creativity is without limits

You might even say your creativity is uninhibited. ← Don’t roll your eyes! You know it’s true!

You have a bunch of creative ideas about how to market your business. In fact, you’re overwhelmed with all of your ideas.

There’s just one idea you’re missing - an idea about where to start!

That’s where Marketing for the Uninhibited comes in.

When you hire me, you get a (virtual) Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for your business. As your CMO, I’ll cut through your overwhelm and bring the marketing clarity you’ve been searching for.

You'll get:

  • Expert marketing guidance from a seasoned marketing professional with almost 10 years of experience - so that you can execute your marketing strategy with confidence.
  • Big-picture thinking and actionable digital marketing strategies - so all you have to do is implement to move your business to success
  • A framework for prioritizing your marketing activities - which will make them feel oh-so-manageable

Sticker shock time: Hiring a full-time CMO would cost you somewhere in the realm of $75,000-$100,000 for your small business.

You probably don’t need that much CMO. So instead, I’ll coach you on small, targeted engagements to get you up and running ASAP.

When you hire me, you’re really getting a CMC (Chief Marketing Coach). And as your CMC, I’ll show you how to make marketing SIMPLE, DOABLE, and FUN.

That’s right. I said Fun.

Get your SIMPLE, DOABLE, AND FUN right here with a little sumpin’ sumpin’ I call "Marketing for the Uninhibited."

AKA, “Marketing for creative entrepreneurs with tenacity and courage.”

That little sumpin’ sumpin’ goes a little bit like this

(Here’s how the Marketing for the Uninhibited Experience works):

START HERE : The first step in us working together is a free, 30 minute virtual conversation because there are only two questions, and we both want them answered: “What is a marketing coach and is Miranda the right coach for you?"

To find out, we'll meet for a (free) 30-minute Zoom call and discuss your business, your goals, your marketing challenges, and what you hope to get out of an engagement with Marketing for the Uninhibited.

*Sadly, you’ll have to bring your own coffee (or tea). Because the internet is pretty amazing, especially for marketing, but we still haven’t figured out how to teleport a cappuccino yet.

If it feels like a good fit, we'll discuss next steps for working together.

For our pay-what-you-can service option, please schedule a free call or send me a message here.


The Jumpstart

This is a one-time marketing intensive meeting with four weeks of virtual support.

This service is for creative entrepreneurs who don't have problems holding themselves accountable and executing a well laid out plan. This 1:1 meeting will give you that little extra push to get started and then you're off and running!

Included in this service option:

  • 2 hour laser-focused marketing meeting
  • Time to talk through all of your ideas, marketing questions, business problems and fundamentals
  • 30 day marketing action plan to get started immediately
  •  Custom one page brand guide
  • 30 days of virtual support after our meeting to help keep you on track as you execute your plan
  • An evergreen marketing foundation, strategy and planning process to build upon as you grow your business




This is for creative entrepreneurs who are 100% committed to leveling up their businesses and achieving their dreams.

This service is for business owners that enjoy having someone to brainstorm with, someone to hold them accountable and someone to cheer them on.

*Monthly Payment options available: $1495/month.

Included in this service option:

  • A 90 minute marketing coaching meeting per month for 6 months
  • A Jumpstart (1:1 marketing intensive) as your first meeting (if not yet completed)
  • Custom 30 day marketing action plan sent after each meeting
  • Goal tracking, Time Management & Accountability
  • Analysis of business numbers and results
  • Access to Miranda during business hours via email/text/Voxer throughout the month